Your First USA Swim Meet – What to Expect

General Information

Swim meets are offered every month and are swum in either a 25 yard 25 meter, or 50 meter pool depending on the time of the year. The swim year is divided into two seasons

  • Short Course meets which are swum in 25 yard pools (Sept – March)
  • Long Course meets which are swum in 25 or 50 meter pools (April – August)

Swim meets are offered at various levels – for the beginner swimmer on up to the most advanced, and for all age groups.  The level of meet your swimmer will compete in will depend on how fast their official recorded USA Swimming times are, and how old they are.  However, some meets are open for all swimmers to compete (Open Meets), including swimmers with no officially recordedUSASwimming times. Most of t he meets we will be attending this year will be OPEN MEETS.

First time USA Swimmers will typically compete in an Open meet for their first meet and will be entered with a no time (NT) for each event they swim.

Swimmers compete in their age category, against their gender, based on how old they are on the first day of the meet. This means that a swimmer may change age group designations in the middle of the season and will start competing against the higher age group at their very next meet. The age group categories are:

  • 8 and under
  • 9-10
  • 11-12
  • 13-14
  • 15 and up

USA Swim Meets take place over weekends, often starting on Friday evening. Saturday and Sunday competitions start in the morning and typically run into the afternoon. There will be split sessions – usually 13 and overs will swim in the morning session and 12 & unders will compete in the afternoon. To control the length of the meet, swimmers are limited to how many events they can compete in each day – typically three per day (excluding relays).
Read Swim Meet Info fore more details.

Helpful Links
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